Ghost lights (orbs) are curious translucent or solid circles that appear unexpectedly in photographs.  Some believe these circles are spirits, angels, or ghosts.  Others believe orbs could be nothing more than the effect of light conditions at the time of a camera flash.  Film and video have become ways to capture the phenomenon.  Orbs have created spiritual awakenings for some and thoughts of extraterrestrial existence for others.  The visual documents have given believers and non-believers alike a platform to discuss the supernatural.

My fascination with the paranormal led me to these curiosities.  Some of my painting are spiritual portraits of people and have now become a part of the unknown.  These paintings are based on the color chakras of the Hindu and Buddhist cultures which are applied to these representations of actual people.  Other paintings are abstractions based on the idea that these orbs may be anomalies from our wondrous environment.