We Love What Seems Familiar To Us

Each object created in this body of work is an act of meticulous, methodical, and controlled organization while leaving space in their complexity for playfulness and elegance. It is an attempt to create an idealistic insight about beauty within the mundane by using materials that are commonplace in our daily life and often overlooked because of its utilitarian characteristics.

Often our experiences can give pattern significance and structure, and like the vast perception of beauty and its varied interpretations, patterns can offer form to our daily awareness to physical appearance, symmetry, proportion, and all its complexities relating to inner strength and beauty.

My process for this body of work began with dissecting various wood materials to expose their particular character. The imperfections within the grain patterns of the wood, the physical act of positioning, and the mystery of the outcome all shaped this search for inherent beauty. Within the patterns discovered, each individual element loses its identity and creates a wide range of imagery left open for interpretation. Each process is an attempt to create something that transcends the concept by utilizing the materials’ physical complexities of limited color, patterns, and form as a guide in search for interpretations concerning the mystery of the beautiful.