Take Me To The Ocean, Leave Me By The Shore

This series of paintings are organic in nature with a stylized urban perspective.  These landscapes offer a sense of kaleidoscopic imagery similar to the ever changing atmosphere in and around our oceans and bodies of water.  The softness of the exposed natural wood can act as a place of rest. The work shares a moment and a place in which the viewer can ponder and reflect just like the occasions we have in actual seascapes.    

I approached this body of work to act as a memoir.  Through my coastal travels, I found that beaches and bays are the best place to truly immerse one’s self within our own thoughts. The coast lines and oceans are constantly changing and its range has no bounds. Respecting the possibilities for change becomes greater than my own because the oceans can be a place of refuge and excitement, as well as a place of turmoil and dread. Much like the oceans and tides, this body of work will continue without end.