Betrothed To The Unknown

Thundercloud Park sits atop a buried water storage tank and provides a panoramic view of the entire metro area and front range with an elevation of 5574 feet. I believe the name refers to the summer afternoon thunderclouds that roll over the metro area from the front range usually moving eastward to the plains.  It was funded by a 1974 Park Bond election, dedicated in 1975, and is one of nine water storage tanks in Arvada.

I moved into the area in 2013 and live in the Hackberry Hill Neighborhood north of the park.  I take my family there often for picnics and playtime.  I immediately noticed remnants of a small rudimentary compass rose and fading yellow circular running track lines.  At the time, I thought it was a wonderful idea and that it would soon disappear.  Now, in 2021, it is unnoticeable and mostly forgotten.

The invite to participate in the LandMark Project was an opportunity I could not pass up.  I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a new and more prominent compass rose; it would bring many benefits to the community.  Its educational value, the promotion of conversation about the surrounding areas, and a location that can act as an ideal meeting place.  I also wanted to incorporate larger than life geometric shapes and pathways that people could follow for exercise and play.  With a circumference at approximately 785 feet, it gives visitors the chance to view distant locations and discover or rediscover sites both near and far.

I painted 1/4 mile x 4″ white lines, eight 20′ x 18′ blue arrows, and eight 5′ x 6′ black Old English letters. It took approximately 64 hours in June of 2021 and completed on Father’s day.

Commissioned by: LandMark, Arvada Arts and Culture Commission, and Arvada Parks and Recreation @ Thundercloud Park

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