I am working on a new series called, PIXEL LUST. Currently, I am trying out different techniques to see what I like best. I first made a small abstract version to see if my idea would actually work. After making it, I knew I was on to something.

Pixelated Screen – 16″ x 2″ x 20″ – spray paint on wood panel – SOLD

After I sold the first one, I decided to make one at a larger scale. This time, I masked the wood panel and hand cut every square. There is 4,032 squares!

After I sprayed the image onto the surface of the wood panel, I removed the masking tape and clear coated it with a high gloss spray lacquer.

Pixel Lust – 48″ x 2″ x 84″ – spray paint on wood panel – SOLD

I will be adding to this series this year. I have a few ideas about the direction I would like it to go, but we shall see…

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